Advisory, Design, Master Plan and Water Park blueprints

It is the master plan of your park. It is very important that it is carried out professionally, by experts with direct experience in the field. For this, there are specialist companies, dedicated exclusively to the design of a master plan or overall plan, of an Aquatic Park, Theme Park, Amusement Park or Tourist Project in general.
Great Parks is precisely a specialist in this. To achieve a good Master Plan, Great Parks begins with the adequate conceptualization of the project. This means that based on the needs of the area and the client's ideas, a successful project must be conceptualized.

Each game and element must have the recommended professional measures and ultimately seek the profitability of this type of project. The use of spaces is vital for the development of projects and that is why the Master Plan plays a leading role in the beginning of the projects, since each area of ​​available land is studied and the ideal game is proposed for said project. area. Another extremely important factor is the future projection for the successful development of your project, with which the Master Plan allows you to evaluate and plan from the moment of conceptualization, how you want your project to become, you will save giving you the cost of physically undoing and making.

Blueprint Design

We are committed to the safety and professional construction of the projects we carry out, which is why we have a department of Engineers and Architects who develop the detailed engineering plans for our projects, with international safety standards.
Types of plans:

  • Constructive
  • Hydraulic

3D Design

They are carried out by a team of professionals, Architects and Engineers, specialists in the design of 3D projects. This type of design allows us to transport our clients towards their future project (aquatic and themed, etc.), see how our games are integrated into their projects, providing an innovative, personalized experience fully adapted to their needs. . They range from the design of one of our 3D games to the complete project.

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