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Interactive Fountains

Fountains are an element that contributes to beautifying a project. We can find this type of water display in public squares, shopping malls, water parks and gardens where they attract children and people of all ages.

Great Parks water nozzles can produce a wide variety of rhythms and geometric patterns such as spirals, tilts, dance ribbons, etc. They can also produce programmed effects at high speeds of change (Up to 10 times per second) without abrupt shock of water when falling.

Our nozzles or water jets are made of bronze, which guarantees high definition in the formation of the jet. Likewise, we offer our range of LED lamps with and without color change.

Within the range of Fountains, you can find the decorative ones that are the most common and the interactive.
Interactive Fountains are popular these days and serve several functions at once. No They are only decorative, but allow users to play with the jets.
Their design is made for use in dry deck or suspended slab fountains and provides a adjustable nozzle.